What will look like an arrival to the Red Carpet at Hollywood’s Golden Globes or Oscar events will soon be duplicated in Vero Beach, when the red carpet rolls out for the arrival of the ten star dancers at the 4th annual Dancing with Vero’s Stars.  Saturday evening March 10 is the date, the Waxlax Center at Saint Edward’s School in Vero Beach is the location, and it will all begin at 6:30 p.m. The annual event benefits the Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition.

Coordinated by former star dancer of 2011, current event committee member and Red Carpet Hostess, Judy Van Saun, swanky limousines donated by Classic VIP and Diamond Limo, will take their turns delivering the star dancers to the Red Carpet donated by Florida Floor Fashions. One by one, and dressed to the nines, each star dancer will exit their limo and join Red Carpet Emcee Jarrod Owen, also a star dancer from the 2011 season, as they are introduced to the awaiting audience via remote television, just prior to their arrival to the pre show cocktail party. Under the spotlight, Owen will take a moment with each star dancer to offer a glimpse into their dancing experience and naturally, discuss the “bling” they are adorned with for their exciting evening.  While their adoring fans await an autograph, and the paparazzi fight for space for the perfect photo opportunity, the stars will enjoy their 5 minutes of fame before being escorted to the pre show cocktail party.

The competition will begin at 7:30 p.m. and is expected to date to be the largest audience and most competitive group of dancers, both physically, as well as in their fundraising efforts.  Tickets are currently being sold by visiting www.dancingwithverostars.com. From the home page, click the “Buy Tickets” tab. Fill out the form and credit your favorite star dancer by hitting the drop down list next to the word “Votes.”  Or, from the homepage you can hit the “Star Dancer” tab on the top and it will bring you to the Star Dancer page.  Click on your favorite star dancer photo and on the bottom of that page you may click a tab to either “Donate” or “Buy Tickets.” Your favorite star dancer will be credited with that transaction.

The IRC Healthy Start Coalition develops, evaluates and funds a full spectrum of services to support pregnant women’s health, baby’s health and families parenting young children.  For more information on Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition or Dancing with Vero’s Stars, call 772-563-9118.

Using this 1980’s ZIMMER, a very rare classic motor car, as the vehicle to deliver the Red Carpet VIPS to the March 10th event, are (left) Joe Robinson and Brenda Lloyd, Co-Chairs of the committee, along with Red Carpet Chair Judy Van Saun, last year’s fundraising winner) and Emcee Jarrod Owen who won as a second place star dancer last year. The use of the car is compliments of owners Marilyn and Kurt Wallach.