The planning committee for the IRC Healthy Start Coalition’s popular annual Dancing with Vero’s Star’s has organized to plan what they consider to be the 5th and best year on record for the lively fundraising event. Dancing with Vero’s Stars will take place on the evening of Saturday, May 11, 2013 at The Riverside Theatre, a community partner with the Healthy Start Coalition. This is a new date and venue for the dance competition.

“A combination of an outstanding list of star dancers and instructors, meshed with an amazing, energetic and creative committee, can only make for a successful event,” remarked Laura Guttridge, co-chair with Cheryl Gerstner for the 2013 event. “We are introducing some new facets to the event this season which will add to our fundraising goals as well as to thrill the audiences. The dancers, who are extremely competitive, are excited about our new twists and turns so this is a win-win for everyone!”

Participating on the committee, in addition to Guttridge and Gerstner (star dancers in 2012 and 2009 respectively) are Brenda Lloyd (star dancer of 2009) who is the liaison with the dancers and instructors. Jeff Zachery returns for all the video aspects of the event, as does Bev and Marty Paris of Paris Productions for pre and post publicity, Amanda Robinson of Squared Studios on advertising and graphics and Judy Van Saun (star dancer 2010) in charge of the Red Carpet. Carl Fetzer (star dancer is 2012) is judge liaison, Josh Dugan, photography and Nicole Dugan handling the catering.  Also on the committee are Tom Lowe (star dancer of 2008) and Buck Vocelle (star dancer of 2012)

For more information on Healthy Start and Dancing with Vero’s Stars, call 772-563-9118 or visit