Paul Tripaldi and MarienellaThe New Year brings about changes… it’s just the way life happens.  And, it is no different for the season’s favorite charity event, Dancing with Vero’s Stars!  With some unexpected news that one of the dancers dropped out, this change left a hole in the ten-person star dancer line-up.  But that didn’t last long.Thanks to local well-known businessman Paul Tripaldi, the vacated spot was filled quickly, and along with his amazing professional instructor Marianella Tobar, Paul has landed on his two feet running.,.or dancing as it is!

Paul Tripaldi is an entrepreneur, an inventor and creator, an ad man and a sales wiz, a drone photographer and a proud father of 9 year old son Zachary. He is CEO and owner of, GoLine Bus ads,, MiLugar Cigar, past president of The Rotary Club of Vero Beach, a USPA polo player, an award-winning photographer and an honors college graduate.

Paul’s partner, Marianella Tobar, is the owner and founder of Marianella’s Dance Fusion LLC and Marianella’s Dance Fitness.  Together they look forward to bringing some community-minded spirit and good old-fashioned competition to the event. The other star dancers and their instructors include: Shelley Adelle with Instructor Laconte Turner; Dana Baker with Instructor Oleg Dimitrov; Nicki Maslin with Instructor George Go; Cindy O’Dare with Instructor Joe Wynes; Denise Pieczynski with Instructor Craig Galvin; Bob Brunjes with Instructor Beth Shestak; Jay Ganzi with Instructor Shari Tessier; Marc McCain with Instructor Anya Christina and Steve Rennick with Instructor Karren Walter.

Tickets for Dancing with Vero’s Stars, to be held at Riverside Theatre on Saturday evening May 14, 2016, are currently on sale at the Riverside Theatre Box Office or by visiting This annual signature event benefits the Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition and Riverside Theatre.

For more information on Dancing with Vero’s Stars call 772-563-9118 or visit for sponsorship opportunities, to donate to Paul Tripaldi or to one of your other favorite dancer’s fundraising campaigns.