One of this year’s star dancers, Roberta “Robbi” Rose, may pose to be a triple threat to the popular dance completion to be held at Riverside Theatre on Saturday evening, May 13.  She is a neurologist by trade, but in her spare time, in addition to practicing her upcoming dance routine, she is often an actress at the Vero Beach Theatre Guild and a participant in their singing group, Guild on The Go.

Guild on the Go is the Guild’s traveling performance directed by Larry Strauss and it has featured many of the Vero Beach Theatre Guild’s top musical theatre performers.  The current cast of Guild on the Go includes Dennis Love, Scott Freshley, Shannon Maloney, Kaitlin Ruby and Rose.  Recently, to celebrate the holiday season, they performed at The Brennity, a residential retirement community at Pointe West.

Interested in seeing Robert Rose perform at Dancing with Vero Stars, or showing support with donations or sponsorships? Simply visit or call the Healthy Start Coalition office at 772-563-9118.  Event ticket availability may be obtained by calling the Healthy Start office as well. For more information on Guild on the Go, call the Theatre at (772)562-8300.