Rescheduled for 2021! 

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Riverside Theatre


DWVS is a perfect event to sparkle, shine and dress to the nines. A black-tie optional event, we suggest your best cocktail, semi-formal and formal wear to walk the red carpet for Vero’s marquis May event.

This event kicks off at 6:00 with a red carpet paparazzi party, where you can cheer your favorite dancer and enjoy cocktails and light bites inside Riverside Theatre’s lobby. The main event begins on the main stage at 7:30, with an intermission and dessert and wine before winners are announced.

Ten local stars are matched with professional dance instructors who train together for a minimum of 20 hours over several months and gather community votes by fundraising in advance of the event. Each $1 raised will equate to a vote for the dancer.  All dancers will be judged on 50% money raised to benefit the Healthy Start Coalition and 50% based on their dancing skills.



Where the biggest stars of Vero take a bigger shot at glory. A benefit for Indian River Healthy Start Coalition in partnership with Riverside Theatre.

The 12th annual feature fundraiser for Healthy Start Coalition, Dancing with Vero’s Stars , in partnership with Riverside Theatre will take place on a rescheduled date in 2021 at Riverside Theatre. Once again, we’ll offer an evening of tempting tangos, sizzling salsas and jiving jitterbugs, performed by local stars matched with professional dance instructors.

Dancing with Vero’s Stars has made a mark on the Vero Beach non-profit events scene ever since it first sashayed on to the stage of the Vero Beach Elks Hall on Saturday, March 14, 2009.  At that time, less than 400 people made a full house, and less than $40,000 was raised for the non-profit. The Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition recognized from that singular evening that Dancing with Vero’s Stars would only grow and attain unlimited success as their signature fundraising event.








2009 Grand Champion
Kathryn Collins

2010 Grand Champion
Rebecca Emmons

2011 Grand Champion
Bobby Guttridge

2012 Grand Champion
Charlotte Terry

2013 Grand Champion
John Michael Sarbak

2014 Grand Champion (3-way-tie)
Joan Busch
Tim Girard
Michele Maholtz, M.D.



2015 Grand Champion 
Karen Franke

2016 Grand Champion 
Nicki Maslin

2017 Grand Champion 
Lisa Thompson Barnes

2018 Grand Champion 
Tracey Zudans

2019 Grand Champion 
Robby Rivas

Indian River Healthy Start is so grateful to both our dancers and sponsors for raising such important funds for important programs, and especially salute our Top Fundraisers for their dedicated efforts in making these programs viable. The stars, instructors and sponsors of DWVS help keep children and families of Indian River County safer and having a healthier start.


Dollars Raised For IRCHSC from Dancing With Vero's Stars over 10 years

2009-2019 Top Fundraisers
Kathryn Collins (2009), Kerry Bartlett (2010)*, Judy Van Saun (2011*), Glenn Tremml (2012)*, John Michael Sarbak (2013), Alan Durkin (2014), Karen Franke (2015), 2016 Cindy O’Dare*, 2017 Lisa Thompson Barnes, 2018 Tracey Zudans, 2019 Martha Redner*
denotes new record in fundraising. Martha Redner took over Cindy O’Dare’s record of $76,000 raised with a blistering $130,000!

2009-2019 Top Dancers
Pamela Director (2009), Dan Crisafulli (2010), Susan Clay, Patrick Toole, Bobby Guttridge (3-Way Tie 2011), Stacey Miller (2012), John Talmage and Trish Hickey-Reid (2013), Tim Girard (2014), Tom Lowther (2015), Eric Flowers (2015), Karen Franke (2015), Steve Rennick (2016), Lisa Thompson Barnes (2017), Milo Thornton (2017), Colt Crosby (2017), Ron Toperzer (2018), Tracey Zudans (2018), Dr. Deni Malave Huertas (2019), Robby Rivas (2019)



First-Runner Up
David Busch (2010), Jarrod Owen (2011), Susanne Sweeny (2012), Deryl Loar (2013), Dr. Alan Durkin (2014), Jackie Savell (2015), Cindy O’Dare (2016), Milo Thornton (2017), Ron Toperzer (2018), Kelly Donovan (2019)

Second-Runner Up
AnnaMarie LaBella (2010), Susan Clay (2011), Glenn Tremml (2012), Chris Bieber (2013), Samantha Bracket (2014), Andy White (2015), Bob Brunjes (2016), Georgia Irish (2017), Dr. Giuliana Diaz Jones (2018),  Pamela DeChellis (2019)

Highest Online Contributions
Michele Maholtz (2014), Deb Polakwich (2015), Cindy O’Dare (2016), Lisa Thompson Barnes (2017), Tracey Zudans (2018), Kelly Donovan (2019)

Best Intro Video
Adam Chrzan (2013), Tim Girard (2014)



Welcome To The Big Show









Tiffany Corr-Red Carpet Emcee

The Red Carpet to the entrance of Riverside Theatre is the spot where all the excitement begins. One-by-one, the dancers and their instructors are chauffeured to the red carpet by the sleek classy cars from Genesis where this year’s returning emcee will welcome them to the screaming crowds. Vero Beach’s own Tiffany Corr joins Dancing with Vero’s Stars with an “all-star” resume in broadcasting. For eight years she worked for NBC Sports as a sports reporter based out of New York City. Ms. Corr covered the Beijing Olympics, multiple Super Bowls, Notre Dame College football, MLB and NBA All-Star games, Nascar Awards Red Carpet, AMA Motocross, ski and snowboard competitions and the Westminster Dog Show. She co-hosted weekly Fantasy Football shows, Hardball Talk and Buzzer Beater and many more network sports shows. Tiffany also covered the New York Mets as the host of Mets Weekly and served as a fill-in reporter during games.



Healthy Start Coalition

Indian River County Healthy Start Coalition is the administrative office which oversees the funding and services for five programs; Healthy Start Services, MomCare, Babies & Beyond, Healthy Families, and Parents as Teachers. The Coalition is a not-for-profit agency whose core funding comes from the Florida Department of Health.


Riverside Theatre

With close to 300 performances on three stages each year, Riverside Theatre is the area's only professional, not-for-profit theatre. It houses one of the state's only free-standing buildings dedicated to children's theatre and is one of a few theatres in Florida designated as a Cultural Institution. The theatre also has one of the largest subscribing audiences in Florida and attracts over 100,000 patrons annually.