Team #dropitlikeasquat


Simply put, Ron Toperzer is more than physically fit. Not so simply put is what Ron accomplishes physically over the course of a week. He is both Director of Fitness at the Sea Oaks Beach and Tennis Club and a personal trainer and Spin instructor at Christi’s Fitness.  He is one of less than 15 Certified Master Coaches in North America who teach trainers how to deliver the Tribe Team Small Group Training Program at new fitness clubs. He is also a Tribe Team Training Coach at Christi’s coaching TribeFit and TribePunch! When not playing golf or spending time with his fiancée Rachel, or family members who also live in this county, he sells sponsorships to local and national businesses for the upcoming polo season here in Vero Beach. Ron believes that every child deserves the opportunity for health, happiness and success in life and he is happy to have this chance to support an organization that helps see that happen.

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